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Free Download: Martin Luther King Jr. Print

“If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

What an extraordinary man. A champion of the people like no other. And to imagine, he was only 34 when uplifted the nation with his "I Have A Dream" speech, and it was just a year later when he won the Nobel Prize. And here I am nearly 32, feeling like I might need step my game up just a little. If one man can accomplish what he did in such a short span, surely I can speak out in my own little way against the ever present injustices we still see around us today.

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. day we are offering this free downloadable 8x10" print!  

Download here

You can also purchase the print as an 8x10" or 11x14" in our shop here




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Eat This: Italian Pizza Nachos

Is there anyone that doesn't love nachos? The crispy chips, melty cheese, and spicy toppings...what's not to love? But sometimes you want something a little different. Which is where these Italian Nachos come in.

We've swapped nacho cheese for gooey mozzarella. Banana peppers instead of jalapenos. Italian sausage and spicy so good! And easy. Winner winner.


  • Tortilla chips (18 oz bag)
  • Pizza Sauce (15 oz can or jar of your favorite. I like to just season a can of organic tomato sauce with about a 1/2 tsp each of oregano, basil, garlic powder and sugar, plus a pinch of salt.)
  • 1 lb Italian Sausage
  • 2 oz package of slice Pepperoni
  • 2 cups shredded Mozzarella Cheese
  • Optional toppings: Sliced banana peppers, sliced olives, diced mushrooms, diced bell pepper
  1. preheat oven to 350
  2. In a skillet over medium heat, crumble and brown sausage.
  3. Drain excess fat from pan, then stir in sauce, heating just until warmed.
  4. On a foil lined baking sheet (or 2) spread out chips in a single layer. 
  5. Spoon meat/sauce mixture over top of the chips.
  6. Slice pepperonis into quarters, then sprinkle over top.
  7. Top with shredded cheese.
  8. Add any additional toppings.
  9. Bake in oven until cheese is melted and gooey

Eat and enjoy! These are so good, and the perfect snack for game day or a weekend lunch



We're Creepy and We're Kooky...

It's no secret we LOVE Halloween! We have a master list of costumes to eventually get around to, but I think there may be too many ideas and not enough time. Eventually the kids will stop wanting to dress up with us! This year we settled on Addams Family as our theme, and the kids were excited! And I was excited because the costumes were really easy!

At our towns 'Boo at the Zoo'

Uncle Fester: For this I knew I wanted a full length wool coat. After scouring our favorite thrift store's men's section and finding nothing, I got a little discouraged. But a quick look in the women's aisle produced several options. We got this one for $12. He wore black dress pants and shoes, a pillow belted to his waist, and pale face paint with dark eyes. So simple!

Wednesday: I found the dress on Ebay for about $18. It was WAY shorter than I wanted and I ended up wearing black shorts under it so I didn't flash any children :) Opaque black tights came from Walmart, and I found cute black Mary Janes at the thrift store for $3! Pigtails and simple makeup was all I needed to finish the look! 

Lurch: Lincoln wore a black suit that I purchased from EBay after not being able to find one at thrift stores. We got a feather duster from Walmart and ordered the severed hand from Ebay as well. I pinned it to his jacket, and added some zombie-ish face paint and he was ready for trick-or-treating!

Pugsley: Probably the easiest of the Addamses. I found black shorts used. Got tall black socks from Walmart, and found the striped shirt on clearance from Crazy 8. Thats it!

Baby Pubert: I bought this gray sleeper used and just stitched on a spider I cut from black felt. I had to make it larger than I wanted to cover a sports design that was on the sleeper. Black socks that we had and a little drawn on moustache was all it took to turn Mercer into the littlest Addams.

So easy, and I loved how we all turned out! 



Hipster Ty in our 'Skull' kids tee

You know that feeling when you see a 2 year old who is cooler than you've ever been in your entire life? Ty does this to me.

His cool is effortless, and he is rockin our kids Skull tee with some major 'what-ev' vibes. 

You can follow @Tys_Threads on Instagram for more killer style!