Hi, we are so glad you are here!

Maybe you know us, or have seen our little Etsy shop, or have even been so kind as to buy one of our pretty cool items (in which case, thank you! I love you in a not at all creepy way!). But in case you don’t know us, haven’t heard of our shop, or have no idea what I’m even talking about, I’ll fill you in.

WE are Richard and Tia Martin. She’s a fake redhead in ripped up jeans and he’s the guy with a lumberjack beard and a crazy sweet smile.


We met while both attending the University of Southern Indiana, and fell all the way in love shortly after. That was 2002, and somehow we still like each other. We were married in 2007, and the following year welcomed our first baby friend, our wickedly clever oldest son, Lincoln Andrew. It was also around this time that I (Tia) started my first Etsy shop, selling jewelry for fun. We kept it pretty chill with just the three of us for a while, maxin’ and relaxin’, but eventually that baby itch started and in 2012 we added Brooks Avery, the funniest little boy I’ve ever met, to the crew. My little online shop also grew, first to handmade leather purses and more jewelry, to eventually be the store it is today: Tribe and Trade. The tribe is us, my family of favorite people that make every thing awesome, while the trade is our amazing business that allows us to follow some of our dreams.

One of those dreams was homeschooling, and after I left my job in 2013 to run Tribe & Trade (then Stoic Design) full time, we were able to make that happen. In 2014 we started our homeschooling journey, and so far we love it! Lincoln loves the freedom to learn things he’s interested in, in a way that works for him, and on his own schedule. And I love doing lessons on the couch in sweatpants or at the kitchen table over a bowl of granola.

Speaking of granola, we strive to be mini-homesteaders by spending the warmer months (there aren’t very many in Indiana) gardening organic produce and canning and freezing to last us through the 27 months of winter. We eat a mostly flexitarian diet, with very little meat or dairy, and consider going full on vegan once every three days, on average. But cheese, man. Cheese.

We definitely stay busy, between running a business, Richard working full-time as a graphic designer, home schooling, and cooking all our meals from scratch. This life ain’t always easy but we like it!

Check back every so often as we hope to use this new site as a place to post new products, talk about the trials and tribulations of home schooling, share any helpful gardening tips we come by, post free printable’s and tutorials, maybe a new recipe here and there, and mainly just share small doses of our family life.

P.S. I used to blog at StoicTia, so if you came from there...hope you love this new site too!